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  • Collection: One-room Schoolhouses in northwestern Adams County, Illinois

Ursa Grade School 1965 last class ww.jpg
Ursa Grade School in Ursa, Illinois. 1965 was the last class

Honey Creek Glenwood school.jpg
The Honey Creek Glenwood School was used from 1900 to 1950. It was then used as a voting place. It is located about a mile east of the highway going from Mendon to Loraine.

Honey Creek Morton School.jpg
This old schoolhouse is well-maintained and is located about 3 miles north of Paloma near the William Taylor farm.

Honey Creek White Oak schoolhouse0002.jpg
The Honey Creek White Oak School is located about 4 miles north and west of Coatsburg near the Fred Hunter farm. It has been kept in fair condition and is used for storage.

Keene Pryor School.jpg
This old school is located about 5 miles northwest of Loraine on the Loraine to Lima Road. It has been added onto but still in fair shape.

Keene Washington school.jpg
This is Keene Washington School and has been well-maintained. It is located on Rt. 61 between Loraine and Bigneck.

Mendon schoolhouse.jpg
This old school has been well-maintained and been converted into an American Legion home. It is about 2 miles west of Mendon.

Ursa township school.jpg
This schoolhouse has been well-maintained and is just north of Ursa. It was converted into a home.

Ursa Rock Creek School0003.jpg
This old school is located up the bottom road near Rock Creek and sits up on the hillside.

Honeycreek Coatsburg school0002.jpg
This school sits on the west edge of Coatsburg, Illinois in Honeycreek township. There is a ball diamond and recreation park located there with it.
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