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  • Collection: One-room Schoolhouses in the middle eastern of Adams County, Illinois

Concord Peagreen School.jpg
The Concord Peagreen School is about half way between Clayton and Kellersville and a mile east.

Concord Hazel Dell School.jpg
The Concord Hazel Dell School is about 3 miles southeast of Clayton.

Concord Colpitt School.jpg
The Concord Colpitt School was in operation from 1900 to 1950.

Concord Hazelbluff School.jpg
The Concord Hazelbluff School is located about 5 miles southwest of Clayton near the old Zion Lutheran Church.

Concord Prairie College.jpg
The Concord Prairie College started in 1918 and has been moved from its original location but is kept in good condition.

Concord Amen School.jpg
The Concord Amen School is located about 3 miles northwest of Kellersville and near the Amen Cemetary. It was in operation from 1900 to 1950.

Concord Elm Wood School.jpg
The Concord Elm Wood School has been moved from its original location and is now being used as a workshop and a garage.

Columbus Robinson school.jpg
The Columbus Robinson School is located about 4 miles north and a half mile east of Five Points. The bell is still in the bellfry.

Columbus school0004.jpg
This old schoolhouse is located in Columbus across from the village park and was converted into a small home.

Columbus Oakwood School.jpg
The Columbus Oakwood School is located near the Russell Hoffman residence.
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