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  • Collection: One-room Schoolhouses in northeastern Adams County, Illinois

Camp Point Center School.jpg
The Camp Point Center School has been torn down. It was located just off the old Cannon Ball Road about 3 miles north of Camp Point.

Camp Point Maplewood School.jpg
The Camp Point Maplewood School was formerly known as Maplewood High.

Camp Point Primrose School.jpg
The Camp Point Primrose School is located about 8 miles north and west of Camp Point. This school has a belfry tower but the bells are gone.

Camp Point Missionridge School.jpg
The Camp Point Missionridge School is located about 4 miles north of the Highland School.

Camp Point Highland School.jpg
The Camp Point Highland School is located about 4 miles west of Camp Point on the old Camp Point to Quincy Road.

Clayton Union School.jpg
The Clayton Union School is located 2 miles west and 3 miles north of Clayton.

Clayton Sulphur Springs School.jpg
The Clayton Sulphur Springs School is located on the Clayton Augusta Road about 4 miles north of Clayton.

Clayton Grubcollege School.jpg
The Clayton Grugcollege School is located about 2 miles north of Clayton on the road from Clayton to Golden just across the Wabash Railroad tracks.
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