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  • Collection: One-Room Schoolhouses in southwestern Adams County, Illinois

Fall Creek Township School.jpg
The Fall Creek Township School is just south of Fall Creek on the old road from Fall Creek to Hannibal.

Payson Whitcomb School.jpg
The Payson Whitcomb School is located about half way between Plainville and Payson and sits up on the north side of the road.

Melrose Waters School.jpg
The Melrose Waters School is located about 4 miles east of Quincy on the old State Street Road not far from Deters Dairy.

Melrose Leroy School.jpg
The Melrose Leroy School is located about 2 miles southeast of the Ray Holtman farm east of 24th Street in Quincy, Illinois.

Liberty East Union School.jpg
The Liberty East Union School is located about 4 miles down a winding road near Melvin Grimmer farm.

Melrose Linn Grove School.jpg
The Melrose Linn Grove School is located in Melrose Township on 12th Street in Quincy, Illinois.

Burton Tandyn School.jpg
The Burton Tandyn School is located about 4 miles east of Burton. It was turned into a meeting and voting place.

Fowler School.jpg
The Fowler School has been turned into apartments and sits on the northeast corner of the Village of Fowler on Route 24.

Ellington School.jpg
The Ellington School is still in use with an addition added on. It is located on 30th Street in Quincy, Illinois and was formerly in the county and now in the city limits.

Fall Creek Hibner School.jpg
The Fall Creek Hibner School is built of brick and was made into a hom with an addition on it. It was then turned into a tavern. It is located between Payson and near the old Pfanschmidt farm.
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